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How to Keep Teeth Healthy This Halloween

With Halloween fast approaching, it promises various treats that will entice your sweet tooth. All too often, downtown dental clinics see how readily available high-sugar treats practically trick patients into indulging more than they should. From these Halloween candy binges, it can eventually lead to cavities if you’re not careful. Enjoy all your favourite treats while keeping your pearly whites healthy this Halloween with these tips from your trusted dentist in downtown Calgary

Tips From Your Local Downtown Dental Clinic This Halloween

Keeping Teeth Healthy in Halloween

Practice Moderation 

Swearing off Halloween candy is not feasible – especially when it comes to children trick-or-treating. The best approach most downtown dental clinics have found is having realistic expectations when having sugary treats. One such way is by practising moderation when it comes to candy. You can do this by refraining from snacking on candy throughout the day. But instead, only have a few pieces during lunch or dinner to satisfy your sugar craving. Furthermore, keep in mind portion size. For example, it’s best to have smaller chocolate bars than huge ones since they will have less sugar. 

Be Mindful of Certain Candy

Candy is already not the best for your teeth because of its high sugar content. That said, there are technically certain candies that are worse than others. Unfortunately, certain candies are worse than others. Here are a few sweets you should probably steer clear from:

  • Sticky or Chewy Candy: You know how annoying it is when some candy gets stuck on your teeth? These types of sweets are the culprits since they’re hard to remove. Avoid candies such as gummy bears, caramels, and taffy that create this issue. 
  • Any Sour Candies: High acidity in anything can harm your tooth enamel by causing it to break down. Since sour candies have high acidity, it would be best to steer clear of them – especially if they’re sour gummies. 
  • Long-Lasting Candies: Many assume hard candies like lollipops are rather harmless. On the contrary, something like a lollipop left in your mouth for a long time can coat your teeth with sugar. Bacteria turn that sugar into acid that can wear away your teeth.

Maintain Excellent Oral Hygiene

Everyone knows maintaining proper oral hygiene is expected daily. However, with Halloween candy being so abundant, you need to go above and beyond than before. If you plan to eat any candy, ensure you’re brushing and flossing properly right after. Doing so helps to get rid of any sticky, stubborn candy that’s stuck between your teeth and helps reduce tooth decay. But, if you cannot brush or floss after having candy, you can drink water to help wash away the sugar clinging to your teeth. Drinking water might not seem helpful, but it helps balance out the pH levels in your mouth that sugar makes unbalanced. Bonus tip: if you have sugar-free gum, it can also help. However, you might be asking yourself: how? It all lies in how chewing gum promotes saliva production, which helps wash away acids and bacteria present after eating candy. 

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