Common Root Canal Complications

A root canal is the name of a procedure wherein the centre of your tooth is hollowed out and replaced with a solid substitute. This procedure helps prevent the spread of disease from long-term damage to the tooth. This means that the outer layers of your tooth must erode enough to allow harmful bacteria to enter the nerve cavity of the tooth. 

Thankfully, root canals are a relatively common procedure for dentists and downtown dental clinics alike. But, there may still be risks or issues that appear during the procedure, depending on the individual circumstances.


Root Canal Complications

Tooth Breaks

Sometimes the tooth will break during the initial stages of the root canal. This may result from the deterioration of the nerve tissue inside the tooth and can make it more difficult to ensure a complete seal on the interior of the tooth. Usually, additional filling material is the solution to this particular problem.

Living Nerve Tissue

Another issue that can occasionally occur during a root canal procedure at a downtown dental clinic is the discovery of still-living nerve tissue. This is a rare issue as determining an infected tooth’s health is fairly straightforward when using x-ray images. Still, though, there may be issues when the tooth is actually opened up, which did not appear on the original x-rays. In this case, it may be advisable to continue forward with the root canal, but it will depend on the deterioration and infection rate. 

Greater Deterioration

On the other side of discovering living nerve tissue is finding greater deterioration in the mouth, gums or teeth surrounding the root canal area. In the right conditions and with enough time, infections can spread to other teeth or even the jawbone. Again, many of these issues will be caught by your dental professional through regular check-ups, x-rays and visual inspections, so it is unlikely this will be a surprise during the actual root canal operation.

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