What Causes Sensitive Teeth All of a Sudden?

Sensitive teeth are a common problem in North America. A relevant and interesting statistic on the subject states, “…In 1996, American students missed 1,611,000 school days because of acute dental problems.” For such an impressive number, there must be a multitude of reasons for sensitive teeth.

And, indeed, there are. Below, our downtown dental clinic looks at the top four reasons why you may suddenly experience tooth sensitivity and what you can do to prevent it.

4 Reasons for Sudden Tooth Sensitivity


Extreme Temperature Exposure

The most common reason people experience sudden or intense pain in their mouth is from extreme temperature exposure. Both hot and cold temperatures can elicit an adverse reaction, but better oral health can help reduce the pain over time.

Enamel Erosion

Dentin hypersensitivity, or enamel erosion, is responsible for at least 12% of the discomfort some people experience when they eat. Preventative maintenance and open communication with your dentist is key in preventing the pain from worsening.

Tooth Decay

Cavities are usually the time when we address tooth decay, but even in its early stages, there may still be sudden discomfort or pain during the day. Whether or not you experience pain caused by tooth decay will depend on the extent of the decay and your overall oral health. 

Gum Recession/ Infection

Known more commonly as gingivitis, gum infections are a leading cause of oral pain and discomfort. Along with gingivitis, gum recession may also be one of the chief causes of acute or continuous pain. Typically, gum recession becomes a more likely result as we age and our gums are worn down.

How to Prevent These Tooth Aches with the Help of a Downtown Dental Clinic

The easiest way to prevent these issues is to ensure you are maintaining optimal oral health. You can share the responsibility for this task with your favourite downtown dental clinic. They will be able to perform regular cleanings, fillings and other dental procedures while you maintain a consistent and reliable schedule of at-home cleaning. Learn more by contacting us today!

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