Most people that notice their gums are bleeding tend to think that it was because they brushed or flossed too hard. If it happens once a week, or for a few days after a new flossing or brushing routine, then it’s understandable (but even then you should speak to your dentist about your techniques). But if you are noticing that your gums are bleeding all the time, then you should start to do something about it. 

Many people won’t, thinking that it’s a waste of time to visit a dentist in Downtown Calgary. But here is why you shouldn’t ignore the bleeding:

Why Bleeding Gums Are A Sign To Go To Downtown Dental Clinic

  • Inadequate Plaque Removal

Perhaps the most common reason for getting bleeding gums is that there is a buildup of plaque in between your teeth. What starts as sticky colorless grim builds into a hard yellow coating around your teeth. When it runs alongside your gum, it can separate the gums from your teeth, making it sensitive to bleeding when you brush, floss or eat.

  • Gum Diseases

There are two primary gum diseases associated with bleeding gums: the first is gingivitis, which is when the gum has a bacterial infection. It happens either due to food or plaque being stuck in between teeth, leaving small pockets of infections to build up. The second disease is periodontitis, which is an extreme infection in which plaque is left to run wild in your teeth. It starts first with gingivitis before progressing to the next stage, resulting in swollen gums and loose teeth. In severe cases, the infection damages the structure and root of your tooth, resulting in teeth falling out because there is no support!

  • Smoking Can Damage Your Gums

If you’re a smoker, there is a higher chance of your gums bleeding more often than non-smokers. Smoking can weaken your gums, resulting in higher chances of developing cankers sores and bleeding.

  • Improper Dentures

In some cases, if dentures are not explicitly fitted into your mouth, they can rub up against the gum resulting in bleeding. You should go to your Downtown dental clinic to make sure they are correctly refitted.

Bleeding gums are a sign that you should visit your Calgary Downtown dentist. Don’t let it get to the point that it is as bad as periodontitis. If your gums are bleeding, and it’s not your flossing or brushing, see your dentist today.

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