When people lose a tooth, there are a few options that they can undertake at their Downtown dental clinic in Calgary:

  • Live without it
  • Look to get a bridge 
  • Get dentures 
  • Or get a dental implant 

While all these of these options are viable (not the first one though), there is no doubting that the final choice is the best. 

Compared to other dental options, dental implants are the most expensive choice out there – in Alberta, you can expect to pay anywhere between $5000-$6000 for a single dental implant. But are they are a worthwhile investment? Absolutely. We explain why that is the case: 

Four Reasons To Get Dental Implants At your Downtown Dental Clinic 

It is a Lifetime Investment 

One of the biggest deterrents for individuals and dental implants is the cost. But if you are concerned about your money being wasted, think again. 

The materials for the procedure, such as the implant fixture and crown, are of the highest standard, ensuring a lifetime investment. Unlike dental dentures, crowns, or bridges, dental implants last a lifetime. You can see why spending money on it is a worthwhile investment. 

Supports Your Teeth, Gums & Mouth

Your teeth are vital to providing support for your entire mouth. Remove a few teeth, and you could unbalance your mouth in the process, as your jawbone and surrounding teeth lose their support. And while dentures and bridges help to provide support, it doesn’t work as well as dental implants. 

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The implants will provide support and strength to your entire mouth, including your adjacent teeth, your gums and your jawbone. It will also strengthen your bite, reducing pressure on your other teeth, while eating. 

Fits Better Than Other Dental Options 

When compared to other dental options, you can see why dental implants are so valuable. Dentures can become loose, irritate the gums, and need to be refitted every now and then. Crowns and bridges can break like regular teeth and are purely made for a “surface-level” approach. 

Dental implants, on the other hand, are integrated into your existing oral structure, meaning it fits perfectly with the rest of your mouth’s structure. You have to treat them like your regular teeth: floss and brush them twice a day, and visit your dentist in Downtown Calgary for routine check-ups and cleanings. It’s like having your own teeth! 

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Here are some examples of how the deceptive advertisements might look.

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