One of the main functions of teeth cleaning in Calgary is to ensure that cavities are avoided. These tooth problems are a result of bacteria eroding and eating away tooth material, and they can cause inflammation and infections if left untreated. But, if you can’t feel any pain, is it really worth it to go through with a filling?

The answer is an emphatic YES! Keep in mind that teeth cleaning in Calgary is a preventative measure. If we didn’t brush our teeth or visit the dentist regularly, we would experience worsening oral health over time. These issues may still develop in spite of preventative care, but they are much less likely in these circumstances. Fillings are at their best when they are part of this preventative care treatment, which we discuss in more detail in the following sections. 


What Is a Filling?

We know that bacteria, left to their own devices, will slowly eat away at our teeth. When this occurs in a concentrated location, the outer layers of the tooth (enamel) are consumed, and the more brittle interior is exposed. This is the beginning of a cavity, and if left untreated, it will grow in size and depth. As there are no nerve endings in the outer layers of our teeth, we can’t feel these areas develop, but we can see them during Calgary teeth cleaning. 

It’s only once the brittle interior layers are also removed that the nerve ending—present in the centre of every tooth—is exposed. Once this happens, foreign matter, like food and drink, can access the nerve, which triggers a pain signal. This signal travels through the nerve back to the brain and alerts us to the problem. Usually, this is when we go to the dentist complaining of a sore tooth, but the problem will only worsen if this is not done.

Why Calgary Teeth Cleaning Is Preventative

Now that we know the progression of a cavity, it is easy to appreciate why pain isn’t the best reason to decide whether or not to get a filling. After all, by the time you feel the problem, a larger portion of the tooth will need to be removed and replaced by filling material. Instead, it is best to rely on the knowledge and expertise of your dentist to inform you when the beginnings of cavities are visible so that you can preserve as much of the tooth as possible. 

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