In the past, there were really only two options when it came to missing or lost teeth. First, dental bridges provided a strong support for teeth on either side of the absence. The second option was dentures, which are a temporary solution that replaces natural teeth. Both options came with significant benefits, but each had drawbacks as well. 

However, we now live in a time where dental implants in Calgary are possible. They promise to provide a third solution that promises to be more comfortable, effective and longer-lasting than the previous alternatives. Below, we look at the typical construction of dental implants, what affects their life cycle, and how long they should last.

What Are Calgary Dental Implants?

Three distinct components make a complete dental implant in Calgary. The first is the implant itself. This replaces the root of a normal tooth, and looks like a small titanium post. The next piece of the dental implant is the abutment. This attaches to the dental implant and serves as a base for the crown, which is the final piece. The crown mimics the look and feel of a real tooth.


What Affects Dental Implants Life Cycle?

Dental implants are actually quite similar to teeth. At least, when it comes to protecting them and avoiding unhealthy habits. Unhealthy foods such as refined sugar, carbohydrates and acidic drinks like soda or alcohol should be kept away from teeth and dental implants alike. These materials may adversely affect either, causing crowns, enamel and the surrounding area to wear quicker than usual. 

Additionally, mechanical wear is a concern for dental implants. Teeth grinding, trauma and chewing hard substances are all examples of mechanical wear that might cause premature failure. Alongside these concerns is the position of the tooth. Incisors and molars may be more susceptible to damage.

The dental implant itself, meaning the titanium post, should last indefinitely after treatment. It will fuse with the jawbone and become a part of your daily life in the right conditions. However, the crown and abutment may require replacement after five to fifteen years. The exact amount of time will vary depending on the wear and use of the tooth. 

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