Children are just like adults: they’re going to have issues with their teeth. However, children tend to deal with some different dental problems compared to adults. 

Here are the most common problems kids face with their dental health 

Tooth Decay

Perhaps one of the most common chronic childhood conditions. Tooth decay is common, and it isn’t a major shock. Children are yet to understand the importance of tooth health and maintenance, so they tend to ignore it. 

They tend to eat a lot of junk food – think candies and soda – and also neglect proper hygiene to rid their mouth of all the bacteria they’ve been collecting. The good news is that tooth decay is entirely preventable. Proper brushing techniques, including flossing, and regular visits to a dentist in Downtown Calgary will significantly reduce the chance of a child developing tooth decay.

Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth are a common problem for many children. While it is a normal thing to happen to older people, children get it too because their enamel is thinner than adults, and it’s easily worn down by plaque and acid. It’s why they are more likely to get sensitive teeth from little things – such as breathing in hot or cold air – than adults. 

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You can help your children with sensitive teeth by providing them with sensitive toothpaste and a soft-bristled toothbrush. It will help them with the pain and protect their teeth. 


You will be shocked to know of the number of children that suck their thumbs. Why do they do it? Because it’s comforting and intuitive. But overdoing it can damage their teeth by disrupting oral development, affecting both the teeth alignment and the roof of the mouth.

While it is common for children to stop doing this at four to five years old, if they continue, it is best to speak to your dentist in Downtown Calgary and get their expert advice on how to work with your child to break the habit.


Also known as bruxism, teeth grinding is a common condition among children. It can happen for numerous reasons, including: 

  • Their top teeth aren’t aligned with their bottom teeth.
  • Children grind their teeth as a result of pain – like you would rub a sore muscle when in pain 
  • It can also be a sign that your child is experiencing stress or hyperactivity

Unfortunately, bruxism can only be stopped by undertaking calming techniques – that many children are too young to do – or by getting a dental night guard. As most teeth grinding happens at night, you can prevent it from getting worse by giving them a layer of protection. 

Over-Retained Teeth

Sometimes, a baby tooth doesn’t get loose, and with the primary tooth coming behind, you will have two teeth fighting over one spot. This can occur for numerous reasons: obstructions, misalignment, trauma, infection and pathology.

However, it shouldn’t be left alone, as it can result in worse problems in future. You will have to let a dentist will step in and remove the primary tooth so that the permanent tooth can develop without problems. 

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